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Recharge your hair, recharge your life!!!

Hi folks,
I am a working women and stay in mumbai. Moving from one corner to other corner, travelling in trains and rickshaw, i really wanna a shampoo or some magic solution which can recharge my hair.
Daily meeting with clients, travelling in local transport makes my hair messy and dull. The harmful toxic in environment damages my hair and when weekend comes i spend a lot of money on hair spa/ hair massage which are too expensive.
I really want a magic solution where i can say "Mera baalon ka shiny glow kabhi nahi jata". And yes i got this through sunsilk, which made my life cool and energized my Life!!! Yeah now i can flaunt by leaving my hair open. So no no for ponytails......
"Recharge your hair and enjoy the breeze standing across the local train window, while going office,college or meeting someone special with no worries"
Enjoy life and let your hair flow!!!


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Geometric nail art Tutorial

Hi All,
Today i have a tutorial for you...inspired by geometric shapes with different shades of colors(red, pink, blue and green). I feel this design to be very easy and can be experimented with contrast color choices.

Step 1:Choose one of the colors and draw a diagonal line starting from middle of tip and extend it to the bottom. Fill in the space as shown.

Step 2Take other color and draw a line in opposite direction and fill it.

Step 3Take other color and draw a horizontal line  the two joints and fill it.

Step 4Fill the empty space with the color of your choice.

Step 5Now break the colors by drawing lines in between the colors using brush and black nail polish.

Now allow it to dry completely and layer it with a top coat. This will smooth-en any ridges and will give a shiny look to your nail art.
I am not any professional nail art artist but i learn it by myself and love to share it with you guys.
I hope the tutorial was helpful and do share your nail art guys.
Bolte hai na sharing nahi si…

Nail Art Tutorial-Butterfly on Nails

Hi Guys, here i come with a beautiful creature on earth "Butterflies" on nails.Check out the tutorial and do try it.

Step 1:
Paint all of your nails with white nail polish as your base color. I used LAKME Color Crush

Step 2: Allow your base color to dry, take a black color nail polish and draw butterfly with zero size brush.

Step 3: The last step, fill the butterfly with the color of your choice.I used red, yellow, orange and green

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Green Checks in Pearl White

Hi all, i believe its not necessary to be accurate or gud at nail art, even a good combination of colours can make a simple art look beautiful.
Friends today i came up with a pearl white and green colour combination.White pearl that gives a glazy look and green on it enhances it.
I have used white pearl as base and a thin brush for making green checks in it.