Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I am in air, I am in water, I am in space
Everywhere, wherever you go
For me class doesn't matter, be it a poor man or a Richie rich
I can manipulate any one’s mind, I have been with you since you were born
Letting you do things without any guilt and let you do it again and again

Don’t you enjoy it?

Remember that moment when tambaku blended with your saliva triggers your mind and you spit it on road, walls….and yes your favorite place public toilet.

Remember that moment of enjoyment when you release the uncontrollable extract on the walls like a shower….up down left right… Ahh such relief!!!

Remember that moment when you are standing near home balcony and feels so lazy to throw that chocolate wrapper or banana skin in garbage….no matter who is standing down I just don’t care.

Remember that moment when you are with your girlfriend, sitting at Nariman point, eating channa chat …. looking towards the sun set and then into the eyes of your girlfriend…suddenly channa gets finished and remains the paper…impressing your girlfriend you will roll it out and throw far in the sea…..Wow so so far….I m so impressed

I make you feel happy, relaxed and sometimes even macho by giving you shortcuts and making your life easy.

No one can stop me….I am spreading and spreading in the minds of people


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Does your child have a strong immunity system?

Increasing pollution, viruses, dust, chemically treated fruits and veggies...... it has
become necessary for children as well as adults to take precaution from getting ill or developing allergies.Children specially whose immune system is not well built and get easily prone to viruses and germs.

Story from my life......
Just a few months back we started sending my nephew to playgroup. In playgroup usually
children are not handled or taken care as we do at home.They interact with other children's and get easily prone to germs.

We found that he started having cold on a frequent basis.He was not able to sleep at night and cry due to cough and nasal congestion.We consulted with the doctor and started with medicines.
But medicines is just a short term cure hence along with that we used to give him kadha and steam.

One day, my mom suggested lets start giving him Chyawanprash as its necessary to develop his immune system first so that his immunity is developed and in future he does not get any allergies which is very common in children as well as in adults. Searching on net I just came across this site

As dabur is the first brand in India and very well known for Ayurvedic products, hence to be trusted. It is made from 45 ingredients like Yastimadhu, Pippali, Brahmi, Amla, etc.

We started giving him in small portions i.e 2 spoons a day. We used to give him by telling stories of his favorite character taking chyawanprash and getting a super man. Sometimes you have to play tricks with children for there benefit. Just after few months we found the frequency of getting cold was reducing and it also added in his appetite as he used to just have milk and khichdi.

I would really recommend this immunity and energy booster for children. This is commonly available at all the grocery stores and supermarket.

 It has found to provide a good immunity to children as well as to adults. In changing lifestyle, people working day and night, children getting loaded with studies and school activities we need a strong immunity system to fight with germs, viruses, dust....

Ask yourself  and get a answer Does your child have a strong immunity system?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Say no to pimples with Garnier Pure Active Neem

Just four days to go...!!!

Outfit checked
Jewelry checked
Parlor checked
Photographer checked

It's 1 o'clock at night you should sleep soon, have to get ready early in the morning....Mommy on her caring avatar. Hugging the pillow and imagining myself in the dream outfit with the perfect glowing skin I went into my dreaming mode.

Alarm rings and I am out of my sleeping mode “get up, chalo chalo get ready soon".

Standing in front of the mirror....Ohh no, what the hell. This can't done with me, I literally shouted looking at that ugly, unwanted pimple right on the tip of my nose.The most awaiting day of my life is coming soon and I wanted to look the perfect bride. Suddenly so many thoughts got clustered in my mind as if I would a nervous breakdown.

My sis suddenly enters my room, looking at my tense face and she laughs, yes she laughs! My mind unable to handle the sudden tragedy and a drop of water fell from my eyes.

Calm down, we can fix it, just relax......sis at its best. Ok so what can we do what options we have? We have four days to go and need to stop the germs getting spreaded over that area. My sis heard about Garnier Pure active Facewash and Scrub and which contain real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts that fights with germs and prevents production of pimples.

Yes it worked, it really worked. I used the face wash twice a day and the spot started reducing. I was so relieved on the D Day, it completely went off with “No Marks”.

With the flawless skin and perfect outfit I was ready to flaunt and give big big smiles on my Wedding Day.

I started using the product on a daily basis and it really prevents my skin getting germ free also helps to not only get rid of breakout-causing dirt but also regulate sebum production to prevent pimples & marks. The pore-unclogging concentrated formula delivers a double anti-spots anti-marks action starting immediately.

Pimples are one thing that can destroy the perfect outfit, perfect day or perfect anything. Even the smallest pimple can be spotted from miles away will always get stares and comments.

It's better to take precaution, so that the devil spot never comes on your way anytime!!