Sunday, 22 March 2015

Simple things that make me Happy

No matter how small the event is, for me, Happiness is anything which brings positive emotions in me. As Human nature, we all set out on long journeys in search of happiness, but forget that happiness is something which can be extracted from very simple things around us. People often complain they don’t get time to do things which can make them happy or end up spending a good amount of fortune travelling around the world, booking expensive accommodating etc., but you only need few minutes a day to do something which can keep you going.

My story was very much the same struggling with my daily chores and still not being contended at the end of day. I thought of enrolling myself to some self-motivation classes to find a way to be happiness, but probably I was out of luck.

It was dull summer Saturday afternoon and I was at one of the local institute for differently able, with my office team for community works. Interacting with some of the younger ones in the group, it striked me that our problems are no match to their challenges and how they still managed to smile the every other moment. They were able to find happiness in the small small things such as food, mimicry, group games, etc. It was then I decided to plan my day and include all those activities which would bring smile to my near ones and eventually bring happiness in my life.

I start my day with gardening, and watching beautiful butterflies playing hide and seek in my garden. I pick up some of the fresh flowers, full of fragrance, and present them to my mother. Her face lights up offering those in the temple, making me feel content.

I ensure to prepare at least one favorite recipe for my husband, watching him savor the flavors of my food and the smile on his face fills me with happiness. I started with my hobbies again which was lost as I grow up. One day I and my husband were just sitting and remembering our childhood days. He asked me my favorite subject in school. Although it was a tough question,  I responded with a simple answer : painting. I loved sketching during my childhood days and the thought of revive my passion for painting again, made me spring up with joy and the very same day we went to a stationery shop and bought some colours and charts. Really I never thought of painting but I tried, making me feel content.

This transition in my life gave me a beautiful goal in life to visit an old age home or a school of under privileged or differently able atleast once in 6 months. It does bring immense happiness in my heart to see those children smiling, elderly blessing, touching their lives in simple ways and learning a lot from them.  Bring smile to others and keep smiling always.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Moment of Togetherness !!!

Romantic relationships are a much talked as a subject among friends. We joke about the different habits, we give advice to each other, we tease the matching outfits some couple wear but in all seriousness, we all cherish the togetherness two people share. It's an incomparable, unique, very special and incredibly heart-warming bond two people create. 

I believe that every relationship is different and unique. We all have very different ideas about what a good relationship is, what relationship we are comfortable with; what expectations we have and how much we are willing to compromise.  If it doesn't make you happy, make it work - but only if you care enough.

My husband has quite simply been my strength and I owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim. Recently I was down with cold and flu. Usually when I'm sick, I like to be left entirely alone unless I am so very sick that I am at a serious risk to my health if someone doesn't take care of me. But this time it was different, my husband was with me. I realized what exactly caring means, I realized the strength of togetherness, I realized the feeling of being near.

He made me soup and went out in the middle of the night to get me medicine so that I could sleep because I had to get to work the next day. Although I was not in good health to go for work, I took a leave and stayed at home. I insisted him to go office but he didn't and said “My first duty is towards my wife, not my work”. I felt so good by his words.

Whole day he didn't allowed me to do any work. He cooked for me, gave me medicines on time, did the household work. He made sure that I have a bottle full of hot water, that I am getting enough rest, it really made me sad to not kiss him so he gives me extra little forehead kisses :)I love him so much. This gave me the strength and motivation I needed to go on with optimism, and look up. I realised I am not alone in this journey, it’s our journey and we have to walk together holding each other hands.
He is my shoulder and my strength.                                                                                                      He is the person I need and the one who is there. 
He is more than a friend and more than a husband too.                                                                           He is so special more than he know and more than I show.
He is my soul mate, he is my lover, and he is all that I know.

In fact these are the sweet moments of togetherness, which made our relationship very strong. My husband has given me the strength of optimism which I am never going to let go.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

#StartANewLife One step that changed my life forever..!!

“Change”, this word has so many meaning in itself. Sometimes people ask you to change and sometimes you want to bring a change in your life. But brining change in life is not that easy.

 Well there came a moment in my life where I had to take a bold decision for a better change in my life. I was staying in Mumbai and working in an MNC with a decent salary. Like every parents my parents too were keen that I get married and get settled.

Getting married was OK, but only if the guy was from Mumbai so that I don’t need to leave my job. Also I loved Mumbai so much. But destiny had something else stored in for me. I met this guy and quite liked him. My parents also like him very much. The only problem was he was working in Pune. So if I had to move ahead in this relationship the only option for me was to agree on leaving my job.

I was in such a dilemma. What if I don’t get a job in Pune or don’t get a job of my liking. All sorts of question use to come in my mind. But then after thinking a lot and discussion with my I took a bold step and said Yes to the relationship.

My courtship period was for 6 months. During this time all my colleagues and friends tried very hard to make me realize that I have taken a wrong decision. Sometimes they even succeeded which made me very depressed. But when I thought about the guy for whom I am doing this, I use to come back on track and stick to my decision.

So finally the last day of my job came and I bid adieu to my company and friends. Next one month was busy in wedding preparations which just passed so quickly. And on the  D-day I finally got married. After marriage I shifted to Pune with my hubby. Initial days just went by in setting my new home and life. But after 2-3 weeks I started feeling insecure. I was not getting any job offers or call for interviews. I started feeling very depressed. Was the step taken by me was correct..? Should I have not left the job..? All these questions started coming in my mind.

But I didn’t stopped trying. I applied for the job openings daily hoping to get an interview call. And one day I got an interview call and that too from 2 good organizations. I was able to crack the interview of one of a very good MNC and that too for a role of my liking. All my efforts got paid off.

And I must say that the job profile and organization that I am working for today is much better than the previous one. I would have not got this had I not taken that bold step of leaving my job and shifting to Pune. Now my life is what I wanted. I have a good married life and job which I enjoy.

That one bold step has brought such a positive and good change in my life. I must say that one should not be afraid of the change and if some risk have to be taken, take it. Life has some good stored in for you.
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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Moment of Optimism and Hope

My Moment of Optimism and Hope

After all the hard work throughout my academic year it was the time for the results. The placement season had started in our college. Suddenly the atmosphere around my batch got changed. Mock interview sessions, getting ready for aptitude…..We all were preparing for the first company to be visited for our batch.

They announced my name, yes I am selected. I had received a job offer from a top MNC, for the highest salary offered  in our college. Luckily I and my best friend were selected in the company. We both were so excited and felt on top of the world. Congratulations from professors, friends, relatives. Treat to friends, cousins…happiness all around.

As per the rule of the college I was not allowed to sit for any other interviews. Hence my college didn't let me attend any other interviews because I had already landed a job offer. Our final exams got over and my classmates started receiving joining date from their respective companies. I was waiting and waiting.

One day I got a call from our recruitment officer stating the company has sent a letter that they would be unable to recruit me due to the recession. This was the worst thing which ever happened to me. I was depressed and angry as well. Why with me?

Time past and I started exploring for other options. Then, after coming out of the college and attending interviews for days on end, living on my parents' support I landed a call center job, went to that office for one day and then left feeling disgusted. I had done my engineering and I definitely did not do it so I could go to a call center.

 I contacted some placement agency and landed a job with a very small company and went to work for them for a month. They paid me just 10,000 per month. Here my friends were enjoying the corporate life in dream companies and I was struggling in a small company. But I didn't let the hope go. I always felt there is something good written for me.
I started looking for new things around and decided to give my career a new direction. Along with office I started studying for further education. My family supported me for my decision.

I got admission in one of the top management schools. With new hope and full optimism I started studying. My post graduation had totally changed my life. I started looking at things in a positive way.  My personality had totally changed; outlook towards life had become more matured. I made lot of good friends and got selected a very good company with a decent package.

Things I learned (well said thoughts)

v  Life is full of challenges and opportunities, success and failures it’s actually up to you what you make of them.
v  Optimism is a hard thing to possess, but an extremely useful and character building one.
v  Your best friend in the times of crisis is you yourself.

v  No problem is unfixable if you set your mind to fix it.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

MyFamily MyPride Moment

Have you ever thought of the small achievements of childhood. How we started walking, eating, studying and playing by our own. You know the best things in life are hidden in the past. We thank God if we pass an exam….or get selected in the interview. Have you ever thought today whatever we
are or whatever we gain in life is because of the small things we learned right from our childhood.

Too much of philosophy...…right? OK let me start this way…..This Sunday I spend some time looking into my old files, where I came across the old mark sheets of my junior KG. It’s fun to look after your mark sheets especially junior ones….trust me on this. Anyways if I tell you how good I was in school then I should keep my mouth shut…I was horrible. I used to fill purple color in mango….my writing was bad….and strangely I used to write letters and numbers up and down. Truly horrified looking into that. God I was too bad.

I just asked my mom one question how did I managed to pass in the examinations. She was like “Badi mehnat ki maine tujpe”. I must say she really did…..

This was not just about passing in the examination; it was about making me realize what mistakes I am doing. Letting me do things myself and allowing making mistakes was the key in teaching to be more self reliant person. She used to sit with me for my studies for long hours, letting me do my homework independently. As I grown up I was made to solve problems alone, yet I had freedom to make choices and learn from my mistakes. She always used to compliment and praise me even for the small tasks which uplifted my confidence level. As I started completing small tasks successfully, I moved on to larger works. She taught me about time management, how to manage time to structure free play and activities.

Mom I must say great job!!! Today whatever I am is because of the guidance and encouragement which helped me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person.

Support system: When a child truly needs your help, they should know that they can count on you. If you teach them to ask for help when they really need it (when something seems unsafe or too challenging), they should know that you will be there to assist them. When a child know they can count on you when they’re really in need, they’ll feel more secure about taking healthy risks and making mistakes.

My mother always used to sing to me whenever I fell down; “Just pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again!” I still hear it in my head when I've made a blunder.

I have seen the happiness in the eyes of my parents when I say I got selected in the interview, I got promoted….that’s the moment of MyFamily MyPride.  I feel top in the world whenever I make my family proud.