Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Moment of Optimism and Hope

My Moment of Optimism and Hope

After all the hard work throughout my academic year it was the time for the results. The placement season had started in our college. Suddenly the atmosphere around my batch got changed. Mock interview sessions, getting ready for aptitude…..We all were preparing for the first company to be visited for our batch.

They announced my name, yes I am selected. I had received a job offer from a top MNC, for the highest salary offered  in our college. Luckily I and my best friend were selected in the company. We both were so excited and felt on top of the world. Congratulations from professors, friends, relatives. Treat to friends, cousins…happiness all around.

As per the rule of the college I was not allowed to sit for any other interviews. Hence my college didn't let me attend any other interviews because I had already landed a job offer. Our final exams got over and my classmates started receiving joining date from their respective companies. I was waiting and waiting.

One day I got a call from our recruitment officer stating the company has sent a letter that they would be unable to recruit me due to the recession. This was the worst thing which ever happened to me. I was depressed and angry as well. Why with me?

Time past and I started exploring for other options. Then, after coming out of the college and attending interviews for days on end, living on my parents' support I landed a call center job, went to that office for one day and then left feeling disgusted. I had done my engineering and I definitely did not do it so I could go to a call center.

 I contacted some placement agency and landed a job with a very small company and went to work for them for a month. They paid me just 10,000 per month. Here my friends were enjoying the corporate life in dream companies and I was struggling in a small company. But I didn't let the hope go. I always felt there is something good written for me.
I started looking for new things around and decided to give my career a new direction. Along with office I started studying for further education. My family supported me for my decision.

I got admission in one of the top management schools. With new hope and full optimism I started studying. My post graduation had totally changed my life. I started looking at things in a positive way.  My personality had totally changed; outlook towards life had become more matured. I made lot of good friends and got selected a very good company with a decent package.

Things I learned (well said thoughts)

v  Life is full of challenges and opportunities, success and failures it’s actually up to you what you make of them.
v  Optimism is a hard thing to possess, but an extremely useful and character building one.
v  Your best friend in the times of crisis is you yourself.

v  No problem is unfixable if you set your mind to fix it.


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