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Simple things that make me Happy

No matter how small the event is, for me, Happiness is anything which brings positive emotions in me. As Human nature, we all set out on long journeys in search of happiness, but forget that happiness is something which can be extracted from very simple things around us. People often complain they don’t get time to do things which can make them happy or end up spending a good amount of fortune travelling around the world, booking expensive accommodating etc., but you only need few minutes a day to do something which can keep you going.

My story was very much the same struggling with my daily chores and still not being contended at the end of day. I thought of enrolling myself to some self-motivation classes to find a way to be happiness, but probably I was out of luck.
It was dull summer Saturday afternoon and I was at one of the local institute for differently able, with my office team for community works. Interacting with some of the younger ones in the group, it striked me that our problems are no match to their challenges and how they still managed to smile the every other moment. They were able to find happiness in the small small things such as food, mimicry, group games, etc. It was then I decided to plan my day and include all those activities which would bring smile to my near ones and eventually bring happiness in my life.

I start my day with gardening, and watching beautiful butterflies playing hide and seek in my garden. I pick up some of the fresh flowers, full of fragrance, and present them to my mother. Her face lights up offering those in the temple, making me feel content.

I ensure to prepare at least one favorite recipe for my husband, watching him savor the flavors of my food and the smile on his face fills me with happiness. I started with my hobbies again which was lost as I grow up. One day I and my husband were just sitting and remembering our childhood days. He asked me my favorite subject in school. Although it was a tough question,  I responded with a simple answer : painting. I loved sketching during my childhood days and the thought of revive my passion for painting again, made me spring up with joy and the very same day we went to a stationery shop and bought some colours and charts. Really I never thought of painting but I tried, making me feel content.

This transition in my life gave me a beautiful goal in life to visit an old age home or a school of under privileged or differently able at-least once in 6 months. It does bring immense happiness in my heart to see those children smiling, elderly blessing, touching their lives in simple ways and learning a lot from them.  Bring smile to others and keep smiling always.


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